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Alumni Stories: Following Juan Aguilar

At Centro Infantil de los Angeles, we pride ourselves in our ability to fundamentally change the lives of the children we serve. This starts with providing free daycare service so parents can continue to work, earn money to support their children, and start a small fund to cover their future high school fees. When the little ones reach preschool age, we provide high-quality education with a focus on building creativity, so our children can enter the public school system at the same level as those whose parents can afford elite private preschool and kindergarten.

While most preschools and kindergartens end their relationship with families after the children graduate, we keep track of our kids. We stay in touch with their parents as they continue through primary school. Through a standardized yearly evaluation, we follow their progress in school as they plan for high school. Then every year, we host a reunion for children who have graduated to come back and share their stories of success with us.

One special alumni story from this year’s reunion is that of Juan Aguilar. Juan was a student in our preschool and kindergarten from 2009-2011. Because of his excellent grades, he was able to enter a private middle school. Since he was very young, Juan showed great skill in soccer and continues to play on his school’s team. This year, his team won the state championships. Now, Juan is being evaluated to enter a municipal sports club.

Juan’s time at Centro Infantil de los Angeles marked a change in his life. Despite growing up in an environment of young people who do not value education and instead adopt unhealthy habits, he has followed a path towards achievement both in his studies and his passion for sports. We are grateful that we could provide this opportunity for Juan Aguilar and we are so proud of all his achievements. We will continue to instill our children with the mantra “Si se puede!”

Centro Infantil de los Angeles operates solely from the generosity of individuals who see value in our mission to provide opportunities for the children of San Miguel de Allende. Every donation counts towards providing a positive future for at-risk youth in our community.

There are many ways to give. Visit our donation page to find out how you can send us your support. Our recently launched, “Yo soy un angel” campaign will raise funds for our graduation ceremonies at the daycare and the preschool. You can also sponsor a child and watch their progress from the moment they enter daycare until the day they graduate our kindergarten. For more information about any of these programs, contact us at

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