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An Unexpected Grant by Lee Daneker

The Bernard Weisman Foundation was established in memory of the late Bernie Weisman, who was an active member of our community and long time resident of San Miguel. Late in his life Bernie established the Foundation dedicated to social and economic justice by improving the lives of deserving families and children in our community. In the years since Bernie’s passing, the Foundation, which is managed by Board chaired by Ms. Julie Durand, has contributed generously to local NGOs that work to better the lives of those Sanmiguelenses who suffer from lack of well paid employment, educational opportunities, or face serious medical issues.
Most recently, the Foundation donated $20,000 USD, to the daycare (guardería) and preschool (kinder) operated by Centro Infantil de Los Angeles. Both the daycare and the preschool are free and serve the most needy families in San Miguel. The daycare is a safe place where parents from very low income families can leave their children so that they can work during the day. The preschool serves the same community of financially challenged families and prepares children to enter first grade. Between the daycare and the preschool Centro Infantil provides education and care daily to almost 200 children between the ages of 6 months and 6 years. Parents of children in Centro Infantil volunteer in both the daycare and the preschool to express their appreciation by helping to keep down the costs of running Centro Infantil.
Centro Infantil Director Ms. Patricia Palacios Cortes received the donation from Ms. Durand during a visit by Foundation representatives to the daycare and preschool this past week. Ms. Palacios stated, “I am so grateful to Julie Durand and to the Bernard Weisman Foundation for this very generous donation. It is our objective to be the best daycare and preschool that we can be for needy families in San Miguel, and with the help of friends like The Bernard Weisman Foundation that we are able to achieve this goal.”
For her part, Ms. Durand commented, “We at Bernie’s Foundation have been aware of the good work done by Centro Infantil for many years. They make an incredible difference in the lives of so many children and families, and it is our pleasure to help them continue their outstanding work. My only regret is that Bernie himself couldn’t be here to meet the staff and the lovely children of Centro Infantil and see first hand how much his support means in the lives of so many deserving families”
For more information or to join the Bernard Weisman foundation in supporting Centro Infantil de Los Angeles, please visit Donations to Centro Infantil are tax deductible in both the US and Mexico.

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