Meet : Christopher

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Centro Infantil de los Ángeles had to adapt and pivot like never before, but our team was up to the task. Christopher, like the others in his class, was able to receive the necessary equipment from CILA and begin doing his pre-school classes online. 

We’re so excited about all that Christopher has achieved in the last year that we wanted to share it with you all! First, let’s share a little bit about Christopher’s background. 

Christopher misses the other kids from CILA, but loves being at home with his family. Together, the family shares nightly dinners, birthday celebrations, plays, practices Christopher’s alphabet, and watches music videos. It hasn’t always been easy for the family, though. Christopher’s father doesn’t live with the family as he had to leave to seek medical treatment. In his father’s absence, Christopher has learned alongside his family to be more independent, learning to dress himself and ask for help whenever he needs it. Christopher’s mother wishes she could spend more time with him, but recognizes that she must work to support the family. 

Through interactions with his family and through his online classes with CILA, Christopher’s vocabulary has been rapidly improving. Story time is his absolute favorite. Whenever a family member or teacher sits down to read Christopher a story, he sits attentively, almost transfixed, eagerly waiting to find out what happens next. 

Christopher’s mother often talks about how proud she is of what a kind, loving boy Christopher has become. Day by day, he is learning how to recognize and describe situations that are likely to make him or others sad, scared, or happy. It is exactly this kind of social and emotional intelligence that will help Christopher, and the other children at CILA, thrive in a post-pandemic world. 

In Christopher’s online classes, he works with CILA teachers to practice shapes, count, and learn the different holidays celebrated in his community. Despite the challenges of the pandemic, CILA teachers are working hard to make sure Christopher’s development is on track and have seen marked improvement in his ability to connect what’s going on in Christopher’s world at home to what he is learning in online classes.  

Christopher, his family, and the staff at CILA continue to be grateful for the support of Christopher’s sponsors, Julie, and the rest of the Sanchez family. We’ll be sure to keep you all updated on Christopher and the rest of the kids from CILA as we navigate these unprecedented times. 

Our sponsorship program has been helping families since 2002 and we are truly grateful for the Sanchez Family and their continued support. To learn more about our sponsorship program and to connect with one of our adorable kids connect with us today!

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