Nina's Story 2: A Day in the Life

Nina’s Story 2: A Day in the Life

If we are not delivering despensas that day, I usually enjoy the luxury of being able to sleep in. When I wake up, the Mexican sunlight is beaming in through my window, and the first thing I do is open my doors to my balcony and take in the views. 

Many mornings, my new dear friend Roy (he’s a cat) will greet me as I make my way to the kitchen. I’ll have my coffee and some breakfast, and he’ll have a piece of ham. Probably that’s why he’s finally accepted me as a friend. 

Morning activities vary a lot, but one positive thing that quarantine has brought along is the opportunity to spend time diving into my personal hobbies – I have been drawing, learning more about topics that interest me, reading, redecorating the house, going for walks and gardening a lot. 

One thing that has been consistent has been yoga-classes through zoom every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at noon. I have found it really beneficial to have an hour of scheduled grounding me-time, and as a bonus CILA receives donations from the participants. During the rest of the day, I mainly work on writing stories for the Individual Stories Campaign. 

When lunchtime rolls around, Skylar and I will often head down to our local bakery for some fresh bread to make tortas. If we’re lucky, we might bump into a CILA kid on the way – these encounters always bring a lot of joy, and make our work to keep CILA going make a lot more sense. On the way home, we’ll stop by our friend Jason (the local barber) and have a quick catch up with him. After being “stuck” in our neighbourhood for a while, we have made some really good friends here – the guys at the bakery, the guys at the piercer shop (sorry mom), the sweetest lady, Martha, who runs a local café, our neighbours who run the taco-place just around the corner and last but certainly not least – our dear house angel Lupita who not only helps us in maintaining the house, but also supplies us with daily gossip, support and heartwarming hugs. More on her in the next blogpost 🙂

Thanks for reading!

Nina Rysholt Dyekjaer

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