Sponsor A Child!

Centro Infantil de los Angeles Child Sponsorship Program

Sponsor a Child!

Centro Infantil de los Angeles has extended it’s child sponsorship program! US$500 covers a year of care for one child in the Centro Infantil de los Angeles daycare. This amount accounts for the teacher’s salary, daily breakfast & lunch, classroom supplies, birthday gifts, and spare clothes/diapers/shoes. All money goes directly to day-to-day support for the child in the daycare, not to family members. In return, sponsors can watch their child grow up from infancy to kindergarten and take part in holidays, birthdays, awards, and other milestones.

How the program works: 

  1. Select a child to sponsor. If you do not have a specific child in mind that you would like to sponsor, find out which children need sponsorship by contacting info@centroinfantil.org for profile cards. When you have decided which child you would like to sponsor, please respond stating your interest and the name of the child.
  2. Donate the yearly sponsorship fee on our website. Follow this link to our secure online donation system to make your donation: https://actionnetwork.org/fundraising/donate-now-to-support-children-in-san-miguel
  3. Begin receiving your monthly emails. After your donation is received we will send you an email confirming the receipt of your sponsorship donation. You will then receive a monthly email with an update on the child you are sponsoring. This will include photos, videos, stories, art work, or any other news related to your little angel. You will also receive a login for a personal fundraising platform which you can use to engage others in your community by sharing information about our volunteer program or organizing your own fundraiser for Centro Infantil de los Angeles.

The children of the daycare are now in need of sponsorship! This is a wonderful way to stay connected to everything that goes on at Centro Infantil de los Angeles and have a long-lasting, positive impact on the lives of the most precious in the community.


Ready to become a sponsor? JadeJose Mateo need sponsorship! 

You can find more information about the children who need sponsorship on the Centro Infantil de los Angeles Facebook. If you want to meet them personally, come volunteer!

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