Who Are We? Lucia Martinez Vega

Highlighting one of our incredible staff members.

Who Are We? Lucia Martinez Vega

Who Are We? is a Centro Infantil de los Angeles series highlighting the incredible people who keep the center running. These are the individuals who show up each and every day to make things happen and improve the lives of the children we serve. These are our angels. In sharing their incredible stories, we hope to bring our supporters closer to those they support and provide a peek into the daily activities of Centro Infantil de los Angeles.


This month we thought we would introduce the newest member of our team, Lucia Martinez Vega. Luci, as she is affectionately called at the daycare, joined the Centro Infantil de los Angeles family on May 14th as the teacher in our 1 year old classroom. Prior to working with us, Luci had been working as a kindergarten teacher for 5 years. As a San Miguel lifer, she was the perfect person to add to our team of working moms.

A true superwoman, Luci juggled having two children while studying for her bachelor’s in developmental psychology. Raising a daughter and a son while trying to build a career was difficult but rewarding. “They are the best things that ever happened to me.” Luci gushes. Now, Luci is studying hard for her license and hoping to finish in summer 2019.

At the daycare, Luci is known for being a complete goofball. Her big, bubbly personality usually enters the room before she does. She loves singing and dancing with the kids in her class until everyone colapses in laughter. Thank you for showering the daycare in love Luci!


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