Who Are We? Maria Magdalena Rubio Garay

Highlighting one of our incredible staff members.

Who Are We? Maria Magdalena Rubio Garay

Who Are We? is a Centro Infantil de los Angeles series highlighting the incredible people who keep the center running. These are the individuals who show up each and every day to make things happen and improve the lives of the children we serve. These are our angels. In sharing their incredible stories, we hope to bring our supporters closer to those they support and provide a peek into the daily activities of Centro Infantil de los Angeles.

Meet Male. María Magdalena Rubio Garay has been working at the Centro Infantil de los Angeles preschool for over 10 years. As Male describes, “I was inspired to become a teacher by my kindergarten teacher. Her joyfulness and love motivated me to pursue the same career.” Now, Male brings her cheerfulness and joy to her 1st year preschool students every day. “It is nice to work with children of this age because it is an experience that is never forgotten and sticks with them throughout their life.” she says.

Lifelong residents of San Miguel de Allende, Male and her family live close to Centro Infantil de los Angeles. Male has a 5-year old daughter of her own, Danna, who is in her last year at Centro Infantil de los Angeles. Next year, Danna will be going off to public school, something neither Male nor her husband César are ready for! They strive to be both parents and friends to their daughter as she continues growing.

What I like the children I work with are they share both their laughs and their tears with me each day. It is something beautiful because it shows their trust, love, admiration, and respect. What a wonderful and unique feeling.” 


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