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A Day in the Life of a Volunteer: Amelia Coffin

In this occasion we wanted to show “A day in the life” of a beloved volunteer that’s been with us since September and will stay till December! Her name is Amelia and she’s been of great help to all the teachers at the Daycare.

Here it is “A Day in the Life” of Amelia:

8:00: wake up to sunlight streaming in my window, head out to the balcony (by far my favorite part of my room) for a quick peek of beautiful San Miguel before beginning my day.

9:00 “commute” by walking across the garden from the volunteer house to the daycare, and head to whichever classroom I’m assigned to that week, where volunteers are always greeted by hugs! I play with the kids, help the teachers with projects, supervise them on the playground, every day is a little different, and always rewarding!

11:30: nap time! Once all the kids are asleep, I head back to the volunteer house to read, practice Spanish, do laundry, or just chill on the roof, with our incredible view of the city.

1:30: head back to the daycare to help deliver (and eat, of course!) whatever delicious lunch the chef has prepared today.

2-3: help the kids get ready to head home, finish up any projects, and, when the kids leave, head back to the volunteer house.

Evening: afternoons and evenings are free, so I’ll often take the opportunity to head into the Jardín in the evenings, to go shopping, walk around, or get dinner (and churros, of course) with fellow volunteers.


If you want to come and volunteer with us at any time, please email


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