A Sponsor story:

Julie & Christopher

A Sponsor story: Julie & Christopher


Since a young age, my parents and grandparents always taught me that no matter what season of life you are in, what you do or don’t have, giving to others is the greatest gift God has ever given us. Between this gift and the love my family and I have for children, we never second-guessed when one of my oldest and dearest friends contacted us about a fantastic organization she was working for, Centro Infantil de los Ángeles.

They were taking donations for a cause we couldn’t resist: exceptional sweet children and their education. That is when we “met” and fell in love with Christopher two years ago, and we have loved him every day since. Every Christmas, Christopher’s picture is on our tree, and even though the holidays are busy and crazy, we sit down as a family and take a moment to talk about Christopher. Through sponsorship, we were able to help him through the year, and as a result, he is accomplishing amazing things. How truly blessed and lucky we are to help a little boy who is doing great things and will continue every day of his life. Every time we receive new photos of Christopher and updates, it reminds us just how much we love to give to others, how blessed we feel that we can help Christopher, even if it is little things on the day to day basis.

This organization is beyond amazing and allows the Sanchez family from Texas to love a little boy thousands of miles away. Thank you, Rachel and Centro Infantil, from the bottom of our hearts for giving us the greatest gift we could ask for. We can’t wait to see Christopher continue to grow up through the years; what he has done for our family is beyond words.


Corey, Julie, Vivienne, and Annabelle Sanchez

Christopher & friends at CILA

Julie Sanchez and her family have sponsored Chris since 2019. They receive regular updates, birthday, and holiday cards from Chris and CILA. As Julie mentions, anyone-anywhere can sponsor a child. No matter the distance, you will receive updates and see how our kids grow on a regular basis.

Our sponsorship program has been helping families since 2002 and we are truly grateful for the Sanchez Family and their continued support. To learn more about our sponsorship program and to connect with one of our adorable kids contact Jessenia today!