A Visit to Casa Hogar Mexiquito

A Visit to Casa Hogar Mexiquito

Casa Hogar Mexiquito, also known as Santuario Guadeloupano Mexiquito, is a non-profit home and educational facility for boys in San Miguel de Allende. For over 50 years, the Dominican sisters of Casa Hogar have provided a loving, nurturing environment for children who have been abandoned, orphaned, or whose families cannot continue to support them. Currently, the site provides a home for 16 boys between 2-18 years of age.

For 17 years, Centro Infantil de los Angeles has partnered with Casa Hogar to provide the youngest boys with the opportunity to spend their days learning and having fun with children their own age in the safe, caring environment of our daycare. As we currently have three boys from Casa Hogar attending Centro Infantil de los Angeles, last week a group of our volunteers visited the orphanage in their current location at a former hacienda in Mexiquito. Upon arrival, the volunteers were greeted with giant hugs from 4-year old Jorge Luna, 3-year old Jose Angel, and 2-year old Jose, before being dragged away to play in the courtyard. Two hours later, the volunteers tore themselves away as the boys waved “hasta mañana”, knowing that the boys would greet them with the same overwhelming enthusiasm the next day.

As community partners tackling the issue of poverty in San Miguel, Centro Infantil de los Angeles and Casa Hogar Mexiquito strive to provide opportunities for children to build strong relationships, enter good schools, and grow into educated, motivated young men. Together, we are working towards raising sweet boys who will become positive influences in their community.


Casa Hogar Mexiquito is located on 30 de Marzo, Mexiquito, San Miguel de Allende. They can be visited at any time with advance notice. For more information or to schedule a visit, please call +52 415 152 5082 (Spanish only).
For information in English and other ways to support Casa Hogar, contact the San Miguel Community Foundation sanmiguelcommunityfoundation.org/English/. 

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