¡Virtual Volunteering!

This year CILA has had the opportunity to get creative with their volunteers. Amid travel restrictions and health protocols CILA has lost out on their international volunteer program. We interviewed our Development Director, Rachel (known as Rachey or Raquelita with the staff and kids at CILA) to see what has been and what can be done virtually.  Q: What has been difficult during COVID19? A: We have had a difficult time turning away our volunteers...
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A Volunteer’s Story: Creating Lifelong Friendships

Virginia Estes is a recent graduate of Goucher College and is one of the many college graduates this year who had their ceremony online due to COVID19.   Isolation and travel restrictions have hindered and postponed the dreams of many college students, and Virginia does dream of future travel, however, she has been fortunate and courageous to have filled her life with travel and service since the time she was 11 years old! Although her many...
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Letter from Paty

Patricia “Paty” Palacios – Executive Director During this quarantine, CILA has doubled its efforts in service to our families. Besides the core mission dedicated to early childhood education, we are now more involved with ensuring the wellbeing of our community by responding to their most urgent needs. Since March, we have made sure the families of our little ones have healthy food and water with donations organized every two weeks with the support of Feed...
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¡Conoce a las maestras!

Los maestros a menudo han sido los héroes olvidados de cualquier comunidad, por lo que queremos cantar nuestro elogio alto y claro por el increíble personal de maestros del preescolar al Centro Infantil de Los Ángeles. Nuestro semestre acaba de comenzar, ¡así que es el momento perfecto para presentar a nuestros maestros! Primero, un poco de historia. El Centro Infantil San Pablo fue el preescolar asociado con la Iglesia Anglicana de San Pablo en San...
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Meet the Teachers!

Teachers have often been the unsung heroes of any community, so we want to sing our praise loud and clear for the amazing staff of teachers at the Sigmund S. Freud Instituto de Educación Preescolar; the preschool of Centro Infantil de Los Ángeles. Our semester has just begun, so it is the perfect time to introduce our teachers! First, a bit of history. Centro Infantil San Pablo was the preschool associated with St. Paul´s Anglican...
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A Volunteer’s Story: How to Volunteer During a Pandemic

Synclair Gonzalez talks about the creative solution she found with CILA I planned on volunteering at CILA’s schools this summer, but COVID-19 cancelled that and created a much more exciting endeavor…. My name is Synclair and I am a recent graduate of Cornell University. This past school year, I was given the opportunity to pursue an international service experience when I was awarded a full ride grant from Cornell that would fund all of my...
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La Educación Es El Arma Más Poderosa/Education: Our Most Powerful Weapon

(Scroll down for English) Mi nombre es Cinthia Robledo Acuña, tengo 30 años de edad, soy mamá de un hermoso hijo, Luis, de 12 años, actualmente soy estudiante de la licenciatura de Ciencias de la Educación, amante del deporte, la música, el baile y la docencia. Tengo los últimos diez años trabajando como docente en primera infancia. “Cuando era niña sabía que quería ser maestra, cuando me preguntaban que quería ser de grande mi respuesta...
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CILA Stories: Lupita aka “Nuestro Angel”

La versión en Español sigue abajo Lupita, 35, is commonly known as CILA’s house angel. She is the soul of the home, and in normal times you would hear her music throughout the house every morning, as she cleaned all the common areas and made sure all volunteer rooms were nice and tidy. Volunteers come and go, but Lupita is the one constant that you can always find at the CILA volunteer house. Throughout the...
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Nina’s Story 2: A Day in the Life

If we are not delivering despensas that day, I usually enjoy the luxury of being able to sleep in. When I wake up, the Mexican sunlight is beaming in through my window, and the first thing I do is open my doors to my balcony and take in the views.  Many mornings, my new dear friend Roy (he’s a cat) will greet me as I make my way to the kitchen. I’ll have my coffee...
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A Volunteer’s Story: Nina’s Help During the Pandemic

Hey everyone! My name is Nina and I am a 21 year old Danish girl who just so happens to find herself at CILA during Covid-19… In this article it is my intention to share my story of how I ended up here in these crazy times, as well as give a sneak peek into what life has been like here at the volunteer house.  After graduating high school in the summer of 2019, I,...
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