CILA Recovery Fund

Please consider donating to our work that provides low-income families necessary tools to become successful and self-sustainable.

CILA Recovery Fund

As Centro Infantil recovers from a difficult year please consider supporting our work that provides low-income families necessary tools to become successful and self-sustainable.

CILA experienced its most difficult year for fundraising from the required suspension of our volunteer program, losing a quarter of our students sponsors and donors changing focus to COVID19 relief.

Centro Infantil is the only organization in San Miguel that targets two generations at a time working with children and their parents.

We help break the cycle of poverty by providing low-income families early childhood education as well as personal and professional development.

Now more than ever we need your financial assistance to continue serving our children and their families.

Karla distributes food packages to her student and his family

Our Boots on the Ground in 2020:

400 individual family check ins.

At the start of this pandemic, our Executive Director Patricia Palacios, conducted personal check-ins with each family. We wanted to know how they were coping with the new restrictions, if they had information on COVID19 and its symptoms, places to go for healthcare and CILA’s online classes.

180 families received food and cleaning supplies.

With the great support from Feed the Hungry, we were able to continue serving our families and providing the food they need to stay healthy. Together we gave each family grocery packages every two weeks. These packages included non-perishable food items, milk, fruits, and vegetables.

Over 3,000 relief packages distributed.

Together with Feed the Hungry we provided more than 2,500 relief packages full of groceries. Every two weeks families would pick up their groceries and other items if needed. Patricia and the teachers were always available if more assistance was required regarding their mental health and economic situation.

CILA provided 640 additional care packages our families most in need.

After our family check-ins we identified 40 families who were most at risk due to employment loss or limited familial support. These families received additional care packages with extra cleaning supplies, groceries or whatever they needed at that time.

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Any additional information regarding the Recovery Fund and other ways to help please contact Development Director – Rachel Frey:

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