A letter from our Executive Director

A special appeal from Paty herself

Letter from Paty

Patricia “Paty” Palacios – Executive Director

During this quarantine, CILA has doubled its efforts in service to our families. Besides the core mission dedicated to early childhood education, we are now more involved with ensuring the wellbeing of our community by responding to their most urgent needs.

Since March, we have made sure the families of our little ones have healthy food and water with donations organized every two weeks with the support of Feed the Hungry. This service will continue until we return to normal operations. In some cases, we have been able to provide internet service for families so that they can participate in the distance learning classes.

The Ministry of Education has given us three ways to deliver distance learning: classes broadcast on public television, classes facilitated by our teachers online, and work packets delivered with safety protocol to families with no internet. Our teachers monitor the students and CILA can verify that no child is left without studying.

We are fighting against this pandemic to ensure our children are affected as little as possible. CILA teachers have engaged in continual training, specifically designed to help with the transition to online learning. They are in regular contact with the parents to provide advice and guidance so our students can continue learning despite the challenges of studying from home.

Once San Miguel reaches a green light status, students will return to classes by alternating days to keep class size small and using safety protocols. CILA is determined to keep their children and families as safe as possible.

Although we long to see our students in person again; hear their laughter and watch them play, we must wait until it’s safe for them. In the meantime, the moms of CILA have been amazing and supportive in the day-to-day struggles. Together we are fighting for the same goal: the quality education of our little ones!

I would like to make a personal request for your support so  CILA can continue to function in its mission, but also attend to the additional needs of our families.

Donate Today!

Each donation we receive works miracles for our families. Today, more than ever, is the time we need your support. Although there are many ways we can help our families, the best way is through direct financial support. This allows us to distribute your donations to the families who need it most.

Thank you for being a part of the CILA family!