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Playdough! ¡Plastilina!

Recently we had a wonderful volunteer Michele who did a super fun activity with the children. She brought a recipe plus all of the ingredients to make playdough and spent time with each 3-year-old classroom making it!

Playdough is something that we can never get enough of at the daycare. The children love it and we use it almost everyday. When we get playdough donated we split it up between the classrooms and use it until it’s all dried up. Therefore to have the ingredients to make our very own playdough was an awesome thing for Casa de los Angeles.

Michele started with the youngest three-year-olds in Nesvi’s room. They all gathered around and took turns helping her put in whatever ingredient was needed next and then they all took turns stirring the playdough. They added coloring and scent to the playdough as well to make it more fun. After Nesvi’s class, Michele repeated the activity with Mary’s three-year-olds and then with Diana’s four-year-olds.

The kids LOVED it and at the end of the day you could hear them all excitedly telling their parents about what they did at school that day. We are so lucky to have awesome, dedicated, and thoughtful volunteers like Michele.

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