Who Are We? Chelo Sanchez Palacios

Highlighting one of our incredible staff members.

Who Are We? Chelo Sanchez Palacios

Who Are We? is a Centro Infantil de los Angeles series highlighting the incredible people who keep the center running. These are the individuals who show up each and every day to make things happen and improve the lives of the children we serve. These are our angels. In sharing their incredible stories, we hope to bring our supporters closer to those they support and provide a peek into the daily activities of Centro Infantil de los Angeles.

Every workplace has the one staff member who brings a burst of energy to the room as soon as he or she enters. For us, this person is our Director’s Assistant, Consuelo Sanchez Palacios, affectionately known as Chelo.

Chelo first came to Centro Infantil de los Angeles’s preschool as a practitioner while she was studying for her Bachelors in Early Childhood Education. She loved her experience so much that she joined the team at the preschool as a teacher right after her graduation in December 2015. “I first met Chelo when she taught my son at the preschool,” recalls Diana, teacher of our youngest babies at the daycare. “My son has a very strong personality but she won him over with her kindness. She is always, always happy and brings so much happiness to the classrooms.”

After taking some time away from the preschool, Chelo returned to Centro Infantil de los Angeles in September 2017. She now handles administrative duties for both the preschool and the daycare, happily bouncing between the two schools two or three times each day popping her head into each classroom to share her smile with all the teachers. Our director often gushes about Chelo’s wonderful attitude, “As my assistant, I have no doubt that her love for the children is the foundation of her work. She fills our workplace with care and respect.”

Outside the workplace Chelo is also embarking on a new role. She and her long-time boyfriend are getting married this August! The wedding is sure to be packed with all of the people that Chelo has touched with her joy and kindness over the last two and half years at Centro Infantil de los Angeles.

Congratulations Chelo!


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