Who Are We? Cinthia Robledo's Story

Highlighting one of our incredible teachers.

Who Are We? Cinthia Robledo

Who Are We? is a Centro Infantil de los Angeles series highlighting the incredible people who keep the center running. These are the individuals who show up each and every day to make things happen and improve the lives of the children we serve. These are our angels. In sharing their incredible stories, we hope to bring our supporters closer to those they support and provide a peek into the daily activities of Centro Infantil de los Angeles.

Cinthia Robledo came to Centro Infantil de los Angeles eight years ago with her son Luis. As a single mother new to San Miguel, Cinthia quickly found a home away from home at the daycare. A year after Luis entered the daycare, Cinthia joined the team as a teacher and has proven herself a supreme multi-tasker. Having finally found her calling, Cinthia went back to school, focusing on early childhood education. While it has been a long hard climb, Cinthia will be completing her Bachelor’s degree in the coming year.


Fiercely independent and full of life, Cinthia fills her classroom with music and laughter. Innovatively combining sports, art, and dance, she designs her lesson plan with activities that focus on developing fine motor skills and language strengthening. While commanding her classroom with a bit of tough love, her students all refer to her as “mama”. At the beginning of each year, timid, uncoordinated babies enter the class, leaving in August as a group of confident, energetic niños.

When she is not working or studying, Cinthia dances. A long-time lover of salsa, she continuously takes lessons, dances in a local performance group, and regularly convinces everyone in the volunteer house to come out for Saturday salsa nights. She has passed her love of music and athletics on to her son Luis. Now a 10-year-old young gentleman, Luis sings in his school choir, plays instruments, and holds a starting position on his school’s soccer team. Despite her many passions, Luis still holds the number one spot in Cinthia’s heart.

We are so grateful to have a passionate, strong woman like Cinthia teaching at Centro Infantil de los Angeles. Thank you Cinthia!

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