Who Are We? Maria Guadalupe Ramirez

Highlighting one of our incredible staff members.

Who Are We? Maria Guadalupe Ramirez

Who Are We? is a Centro Infantil de los Angeles series highlighting the incredible people who keep the center running. These are the individuals who show up each and every day to make things happen and improve the lives of the children we serve. These are our angels. In sharing their incredible stories, we hope to bring our supporters closer to those they support and provide a peek into the daily activities of Centro Infantil de los Angeles.

This month we would like to introduce the woman behind the Centro Infantil de los Angeles Volunteer House, Maria Guadalupe del Rosario Moctezuma Ramirez, affectionately known to the volunteers as Lupita. As a recent addition to our staff, Lupita became our full-time housekeeper in May. In addition to general cleaning, Lupita keeps things running managing utilities, water delivery, maintenance, and assisting with volunteer arrival and departure. Always friendly and warm, volunteers love chatting with her over a cup of coffee in the morning or during their afternoon break.

Lupita and her family have been part of the community at Centro Infantil de los Angeles for years. Her oldest daughter, Michelle, and youngest daughter, Nicole, have both attended the preschool and kindergarten. One of the brightest, most focused students in our graduating kindergarten class this year, Nicole will be joining her sister in primary school this September.

Lupita’s youngest (shown above), Miguel, entered Centro Infantil de los Angeles this year in Maestra Cinthia’s class. He is a rambunctious cheerful 2 year old. Volunteers love playing with him when he accompanies his mom to work on Saturday mornings. Miguel is also getting ready to welcome a new brother or sister to the family this fall.

We are so happy to have Lupita as part our staff this year! We would also like to congratulate her and her husband and can’t wait to see if they have a girl or a boy!


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