Who We Are

Who We Are

Centro Infantil de los Ángeles is a nonprofit organization that provides high quality daycare and preschool education to children with the greatest need in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. Our center affords low-income working parents the confidence and security of knowing their children are fed, cared for, and supported on their path to a brighter future. 

In fall 2017, two long-standing organizations merged to serve more families in San Miguel: Casa de los Ángeles and Centro Infantil San Pablo.

Mexico has the 14th largest economy in the world however it continues to be one of the most unequal countries in the world. More than half of the population is poor and more than 55 million Mexicans live in poverty. Almost half of Mexicans are under 25 years old and the average age of women at their first birth is 21 years old. Teenage pregnancy continues to be a problem in Mexico and single motherhood continues to be extremely prevalent in Mexican communities.

When Donna Quathamer came to San Miguel in 2000 she asked local women selling their goods in the market and on the street what could she do to help to make their lives easier. It was common to see women working with babies wrapped in cloths and strapped to their backs as well as young infants and toddlers hiding around their feet. These women expressed a need for a safe place to leave their children while they worked and earned money to feed, clothe and house their children.

Casa de los Ángeles was born with that vision: to create a free daycare where poor, working mothers have the comfort of knowing their children are safe and families are nurtured, respected and supported and can learn in a secure environment.

Since then, Casa de los Ángeles grew to serve nearly 100 children each day. The daycare center, when operating, provided a happy, educational environment for children under the age of five where they could play, eat, learn and laugh. In addition, we became a support network for local women who would complete an hour of service for each day that their child was at the day care, thereby participating actively in the care of their children.

Centro Infantil San Pablo (CISP) is a nonprofit organization founded by St. Paul’s Anglican Church of San Miguel. It was founded with a mission to provide free, high quality, secular pre-school education to Mexican children with the greatest need and prepare them to enter the first grade.

We know that an investment in children’s education at the Centro produces results. Now, with our two organization merged, we will serve more than 170 children and families from age 2 month – 6 years.

Many of our families live on the outskirts of San Miguel in basic and often do not have access to water mains or electricity. Many of our children live in small spaces shared with extended family members.

Even though our students are from some of the most economically disadvantaged homes in San Miguel, over 70% of their scores were “above average” or “outstanding” in standardized tests given by the Secretary of Education. No scores were below average. Our teachers scored 93 out of 100 in their evaluations, and the school was one of 3 schools in San Miguel (a city of over 120,000) that was recognized for special achievement by the Secretary. In the same round of testing one of our graduates, now in the second grade, got the top score of all students in all the primary schools in San Miguel. Since academic results usually are correlated with socio-economic status we are especially proud of what these economically disadvantaged children have achieved.

In addition to preparing the children for the first grade in the Mexican public school system, we offer the following enrichment programs:

  • Hot, nutritionally balanced meals are prepared in the kitchen on the premises and served every school day.
  • Introduction to English – a volunteer program to introduce the four and five year olds to the English language using simple commands and greetings, colors, animals and basic shapes and numbers.
  • Computer classes are also offered by volunteers.
  • Children receive regular medical, dental and eye exams and medications as needed. Physical and learning difficulties are identified early, allowing for successful treatment programs.
  • Volunteers provide art and swimming classes, yoga, reading, story-telling and mentoring.
  • During the school year there are field trips to acquaint the students with their community. Many of the children live with a single mother or grandmother and rarely or never leave their neighborhood.
  • Parents are encouraged to become involved in their children’s education and they receive health and nutrition talks and English classes. Parents’ Story Telling once a month is a popular activity.

Our Board of Directors

Tammy Kjos – President
Rutilio Martinez – Treasurer
David Stone – Secretary
Mark Horowitz, Andrew Kjos, David Shenk

Volunteer Coordinator
Cinthya Castillo